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New Member WhatsApp Group

There is a WhatsApp group for new members. You can sign up to this by contacting the Pro-Shop and he will put you on it.

It’s a good way to arrange games if you do not know anyone already.

Apps to Download

ESP – called EliteLive (Tee-Time Booking)

IG – IgMember (Club Diary for comps and other info)

England Golf – called MyEg (Handicap references)

ESP and Tee-Time Booking

You book a tee via the main Burhill website – not via IG.

Please do not simply add your name to 2 and 3 balls that show having spaces.

Make your own booking or arrange to add yourself to one made by someone else with their agreement.

Signing up for competitions

Playing in comps is a great way to meet people.

It is done via the IG (Intelligent golf, either the App or the club website.

If using the latter, the easiest way to find them is to look at the diary page where there is a list of all events.

Click on the event and sign up!

They open for sign-up (normally) 7 days before the event.

They fill up quite quickly so look out for information in the Captains’ Friday e-mail about when they will do so.

There are various formats; stablefords, medals, knock-outs*, you can also enter your availability for the various matches.

There is also a list of all competitions to be found under the “Competitions” tab.

I suggest you click on “Competitions>Mens” as an easy guide to those that apply but please take a look under all headings to get a feel for the very active nature of comps at Burhill!!

For individual comps you enter your name in a time slot – you need to have enough money on your IG account to ensure that your entry is paid for where applicable.

On the day of the comp, you must log into the competition BEFORE you play and enter your scores immediately after finishing.

Dropping out of competitions – please do not sign up unless you know you are going to play.

If you fail to pull out 48 hours in advance of a comp you will receive a “yellow card” warning. Do it again and you will receive a “red card” banning you from the next 2 major competitions.

*Knock-Outs – there are a number of these played both as individuals and as pairs. They are played at various times of the year and another great way to meet and play with a good cross-section of members.

Board Competitions and Order of Merit

For 7-day members an Order of Merit operates across roughly 16 individual competitions through the year. There are also other so-called “Board” Comps, which as the name suggests result in your name being seen in gold-leaf for perpetuity – should you win! These are the “Burhill Majors” and are medal and knock-out, pairs and singles, so a good chance to make a name for yourself!!

Again these can be accessed via IG – Competitions>Board Competitions.

OoM via Competitions>Ongoing.


There are a number of friendly club matches. You have to sign up on IG and show your availability. This can be found via Competitions>Matches.

The Vets also have a very full match calendar and you should contact the Vets’ Chairman to get detailed information about all the specific Vets activities. (See Weekday Golf, below)


IG is also the place where there is information about the club, its rules, the committees, etc., and a directory of members, so you can contact them for knock-out comps, etc..

There is also a “suggestions” page.

However, we are trying to encourage members to contact the Captain directly with any comments/suggestions/complaints so that these can be dealt with formally by the relevant committee and discussion with management.

Friday E-Mail

The Captains traditionally (since 2014!) send out a “Friday e-mail”. It is entirely their prerogative as to what this contains, but usually there is information about upcoming events and comps, as well as general club matters.

Captain v Pro Challenges

These are played as a pair- you and a partner “challenge” the Captain and Pro to a match. Entry Funds donated to the Captains’ Charity.

Six Nations

For 7-day members one specific event to enjoy is the Six Nations.

This is a friendly (well it’s supposed to be friendly) competition that runs roughly alongside the rugby six nations. (Match every fortnight – weather permitting!). Teams comprise, the 4 “Home Nations” plus Europe and the Rest of the World.

Eligibility for which team you play for is less than rigid (almost non-existent!) and it’s a really great way to play with and against a broad cross-section of members. There is a (huge) final day lunch which is one of the iconic events in the clubhouse – talk to anyone and they will explain how it all works. I recommend it to all.

Signing up to a team is also done via IG, under the “Matches” tab.


Normally there are two completions each month. Generally, one is a rolling stableford, where you do not need to sign-up beforehand, the other a more formal competition, sometimes a Board Comp.


There are also early morning roll-ups – you just turn up from about 7:30am – 8:00am and partners are selected there and then.

Weekday Golf

There are monthly mid-week comps too – normally on a Monday and Thursday. These are often associated with the Vets too and some form part of the Vets own order of merit – again more details can be gained from the Vets Chairman on these specific events. There is also a Vet’s WhatsApp group so games can be easily arranged.


The old method based upon the CONGU system has changed to become the “World Handicapping System” (WHS).

It provides you with a Handicap Index based upon an average of your best 8 scores from the last 20 rounds.

This “index” is then used to calculate your playing handicap from each colour of tees on each course, any course in fact, taking into account its difficulty, known as its Slope Rating. The formula seems complicated (is complicated!) but there are charts in the starters huts on both courses to show you what you should play off in any form of competition or match, from any tee colour.

But the calculations are all done for you – look on IG or England Golf Apps.

If you don’t have a handicap you need to play at least 3 rounds “with a card in your hand” to gain an active handicap. This can be via entering comps (and not being able to win them until active) or handing in “General Play” cards. You must register in the Pro-Shop BEFORE going out to play a social card.

These must be played with existing members with a current handicap.

Ready Golf

We operate under the R&A approved guidelines for ready golf.

This means playing when you are ready (as long as is it is safe to do so) and helping partners look for lost balls AFTER you have played your own shot.

We also encourage a decent Pace of Play in General Play – i.e. non competitions.

This means having a chat while you are walking down the fairway, not letting chit-chat delay shots.

Not leaving bags in the front of greens while putting – take them round the side or back, en-route to the next tee.

Don’t mark cards on the green, do it at the next tee, or on the way there.

Keep up with the game in front, not ahead of the game behind.

Further details on etiquette for Ready Golf can be found in IG: Information>Ready Golf

Dress Code

On the course and in the clubhouse we encourage players to look smart.

E.G. Tailored trousers or shorts – no jeans on the courses.

Smart denim is acceptable in the club-house, and generally a smart appearance. No Flip-Flops or open-toed sandals or “sliders”.

Driving Range

You need to get your card reregistered every 100 days to use the range ball dispensers.

No drivers in the short game practice area.

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